About Me

Dear all, my name is Donna and I am from Connecticut. Despite the name of my state, we are quite far away from the major cities in the US, and we are totally not connected with anyone at all! Nothing much happens in Connecticut. This blog details my thoughts about life and healthy living, and how you can develop yourself to become a healthier and saner person.

I was born in Rocky Hill, Connecticut and I have lived much of my life there. No, I have not gone out of the state more than 4 times. I know that there’s a wide world out there, but being a 40 year old woman, I am simply quite satisfied with my life and I just simply want to stay here right in the countryside. It’s too difficult to be in a fast paced environment for me like in an urban setting and I am happy to be away from civilisation once in a while.

Anyway, enough talking about me. In this blog, I will write everything that I can think of about health, wellness and living a wholesome lifestyle. In this blog you will not find any trash or ‘memes’ as the younguns call it – I have no idea what they are! Instead, I hope you will be blessed by what I write here and learn more about how to be a healthy person with a healthy lifestyle.