CBD The New Medicine Revolution

CBD The new Medicine Revolution, is the most claimed cannabinoid medicinally speaking, since it is one of the most active cannabinoids between THC and CBN and it is not illegal as the case of THC. It takes care of the most narcotic phase of hemp effect and will serve us depending on the dosage and concentration for one or the other. Besides it has many other functions and benefits, one of them is that it cancels out the psychoactive effect of THC, leaving the purely medical part.

When we smoke hemp we can do it for many reasons, but when we do it to try to alleviate certain ailments or disorders, such as muscle aches or insomnia, it would be better if we could cancel the psychoactive effect and keep the medical one. THC is the main cannabinoid, the most present, the most medicinal but also the most psychoactive.

There are varieties that contain a very high level of THC and are highly appreciated therapeutically because they have a lot of active cannabinoid, but at the same time they have psychoactive effects, which even if they are not seen as dwarfs, they do cause a certain hangover. Imagine our mother, for example, who has never smoked pot, but who has a lot of pain. If she smokes a joint of a very potent herb she will surely not feel very well and more than notice the medicinal effect she will notice the headache and the mental effect.

If you get a variety like One to One, which may not have 20% THC and has 8% but the amount of CBD (cannabidiol) is equal or quite high, you will get rid of the psychoactive effect and get purely the medicinal side of that 8% THC and the other 8% that may have CBD, also very medicinal. We will have a relaxing effect, anti-inflammatory, and increasingly applied in diseases with severe pain that sometimes even need morphine to palliate them. People with eating disorders, due to many diseases such as depression that close the stomach by the nerves, will end up hungry and much calmer.

In many countries are working with these mixtures in the form of pills, CBD oils, creams, infusions, extractions … for all types of consumers we go. Here in Spain we do not have it so easy, but we have a way to get it. There are many varieties on the market that offer us very high levels of CBD and equal levels of THC and CBD, at the moment we can grow them ourselves and get our own medicine.

With these plants we can make an extraction and a medicinal tincture as explained in this blog, or we can consume it in a vaporizer to get the maximum possible absorption of cannabinoids without combustion.

Another option we have is to settle for something less effective, but which we can get legally. There are many products that come from hemp, which is hemp but with practically no THC, a maximum of 0.2% THC. As it has no THC it is completely legal, but just as you go looking for species with more THC you look for others with a lot of CBD and no THC. CBD is what causes the most narcotic part of hemp, and has many other effects on the body, especially as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory through skin absorption.

There are many products that are coming out every day that if they had THC they would be much more active, but they don’t stay far behind and we don’t have to use chemicals. For example, every time I’ve had a stroke my mother has thrown Trombocid on me, the Trombocid guy has to be rich, because I’m sure everyone gets the same. With a cream with CBD extract we can have the same effects, and we can make it ourselves or we can buy it made, totally natural and without pharmaceuticals in between.

Like many times we suffer from lack of hunger, who has consulted a doctor for that reason has not sent Mosegol, a pill that opens your appetite that you do not see, all chemical. With a mouth spray or simply with a capsule or a few drops of our tincture, you will relax and get hungry just like with that medicine, and totally natural.

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