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Marcus Thomas moderated among other things the “ZDF-Fernsehgarten” and the “ARD-Buffet” and also played in several TV series. Seven years ago, the 44-year-old discovered power sports as a passion for himself and gained around 16 kilograms – although he is a “hardgainer”, i.e. someone who gains weight only with difficulty.

Now he has written a book: “Vom Leichtgewicht zur Muskelmaschine – Wie ich als Hardgainer zum Muskelpaket wurde” (Riva). In it, he reports on the most common beginner’s mistakes, the right foods for muscle building and a fatal experiment with steroids.

DIE WELT: Mr. Thomas, how exactly did you get into weight training?

Marcus Thomas: I felt already in my youth as too thin and became up to therefore with 17 years member in a Fitness studio. Then I trained for 20 years – without any real plan and therefore without any real success. In 2008, I received feedback from the ZDF television station and anavar for the moderation of the “Fernsehgarten” that they wanted me to be more physically present. In 2010 I got to know a Thai boxer on a cruise. And he showed me how to train properly. Since then, I’ve been gripped by weight training fever.

DIE WELT: How often do you train today?

Thomas: Five times a week, one hour each. No matter where I am. Without the training I am missing something. When I was thin, I literally had the feeling that many things went directly under my skin or to my bones. Now they bounce off my muscles. For example, unlike before, I have hardly any colds. When I train, I’m completely with myself, I love it.

DIE WELT: How did your weight change?

Thomas: Over the years I’ve trained myself up from 75 to 91 kilograms.

THE WORLD: What was your highest calorie dose per day?

Thomas: About 4500 calories. I also had to eat beyond hunger. You also have to fat yourself sometimes. As a hardgainer, that’s part of it if you want to build up the mass.

DIE WELT: What does your diet look like today?

Thomas: I don’t count the calories anymore, after all these years I got a good feeling for the needs of my body and for food. However, beginners who want to build up mass should first count their calories for a while. Without that it doesn’t work! Every strength athlete should know his calorie requirement. Only in this way can he determine how many calories he needs in order to achieve the calorie surplus necessary for mass building. In the Internet there are many free Websites and Apps for it.

THE WORLD: On which food do you bet most of all?

Thomas: I don’t like bread and dairy products very much, I’ve removed them from my menu. As a presenter I am on the road a lot and also rely on shakes made from almond milk and egg protein powder. I eat four to five eggs a day. The egg is a great food whose reputation has suffered recently from my point of view wrongly. It is a wonderful protein supplier and very versatile.

DIE WELT: In your book you talk about a trick you learned during your holiday in Thailand and still use today.

Thomas: The Thai supplement many dishes with a baked egg. Especially when I’m on the road, I order all kinds of dishes in the restaurant with additional eggs, even in Germany, which is usually completely unproblematic. Eggs in combination with potatoes have a very high biological value of 137. The body can process this combination particularly well. Another tip I got from a bodybuilder in an airplane.

DIE WELT: Which one?

Thomas: The guy was a New York stock exchange trader and sat next to me. When the flight attendant brought us roasted almonds, I thankfully refused. Then my seat neighbor said: “Hey, boy, you have to eat them! That’s the megaprotein bombs.” He turned the packaging over and showed me: 100 grams of almonds contain about 20 grams of protein. They also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, and I’ve been eating them ever since.

DIE WELT: In addition, they rely on an ingredient of the tomatoes.

Thomas: Green tomatoes contain tomatidine. This is a steroid-like substance that was only recently discovered for muscle building. It is now available in capsule form. I have felt more energy since I started taking it and have been able to gain more mass. However, I would like to emphasize: The effect of Tomatidin has not yet been clinically tested on humans, the effect has only been proven in the laboratory. But the researchers are sure that it is harmless. 60 caps cost around 60 euros, it’s not cheap.



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