CBD Oil in Cosmetics, Benefits

CBD Oil in Cosmetics, Benefits

CBD oil in cosmetics

Before we begin to delve into the benefits of cannabis applied to cosmetics, it is worth clarifying that hemp seed oil and cannabis oil are often confused and have nothing to do with each other. The properties and characteristics are quite different.

What is CBD?

CBD is extracted from cannabis flowers, and it is an active ingredient that has multiple benefits for the skin, so it is used in different ways in cosmetics offering excellent results both on the skin and on nails and hair.

Today, after many years of scarce and unclear information, we know that CBD (cannabidiol) has healing and beneficial properties for health. It is increasingly used by the cosmetics industry and should never be confused with THC which has psychotropic properties.

CBD is a totally natural component of cannabis and is extracted exclusively from the flowers of the plant known as Cannabis Sativa (CBD cannabic seeds).

In recent years, natural cosmetics that incorporate this active ingredient, CBD, have experienced a strong demand because the ingredients of conventional cosmetics are harmful to health as they pass through the skin sooner or later into the bloodstream.

CBD as a cosmetic ingredient

Organic cosmetology that incorporates CBD cannabis oil is free of fertilizers and pesticides among other substances harmful to health.

The value of cannabidiol in cosmetics lies primarily in the fact that it can help the well-being of the skin and other parts of the body, in addition to being an all-natural substance.

Endocannabioids: What are they and what are they used for?

Our body produces cannabioids naturally (endocannabioid system). Endocannabioids perform, among others, a very important function for the skin, which is the regulation of sebum secretion, which is a great protector of the skin. That is why a cosmetic that incorporates CBD oil in its formulation is useful for sebum regulation as well as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant.

What is the endocannabioid system?

It is a set of receptors with which the homeostasis of the organism is achieved, which in other words means the self-regulation and maintenance of a relative constancy in the properties and composition of the skin in this case.

For this reason CBD as a cosmetic component is very interesting for the skin as it interacts with the epidermis in a natural way helping homeostasis.

Many studies indicate that CBD acts beneficially on damaged skin cells and on healthy ones as well.

Below I will discuss some pathologies and the beneficial actions of CBB:

Skin aging:

CBD properties improve eye wrinkles, reduce eye bags and dark circles.


Naturally CBD is and acts as a potent antioxidant.


Because of its antibacterial properties, CBD oil in addition to reducing sebum secretion, fights bacteria and infections that cause acne in the adolescent stage.


CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps the body in inflammatory processes.


CBD oil acts beneficially in the pathology known as psoriasis (development of reddish-looking plaques with skin scales on the surface), decreasing the appearance of the characteristic scales of this pathology.

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